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10/2 Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
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2 Oct Durga Puja (Dashami).
20 Oct Shab e-Qadr (Evening of Destiny).
7 Nov National Revolution Day.
28 Nov (3 days) Eid ul-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice).
16 Dec Victory Day (Bijoy Dibosh).
18 Dec Islamic New Year.
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3/17 St Patrick's Day in N. Ireland only
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25 Dec Christmas.
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  • Bulk cargo
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About us

Yougle International Freight Ltd is a global forwarding and logistics services provider, and NVOCC player(WCA-NVOCC:SMTC-NV00098), as the member of WCA orgnazition. The group has established worldwide operations with over 300 professionals providing integrated solutions covering airfreight, ocean freight, warehousing, domestic delivery, cargo consolidation, cross-border trucking and a full range of logistics services. The company is focused on continual market expansion and service differentiation. Through our global network, diverse services and expertise in technology, Yougle serves customers in more than 150 cities in 70 countries worldwide.

The company handles different types of cargo ranging from raw material, spare parts, equipment and all kinds of finished goods in textile, chemical, machinery and electronics industries. Yougle is an expert in handling fabric, garment, fashion and various clothing accessories. We take care of all sorts of general cargo as well as dangerous goods. In order to protect the interests of our customers.

With an extensive network, Yougle provides international freight services covering all the major cities of the world. We have strong presence in Asia and are particularly familiar with the market conditions in China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Our established operations and years of experiences in forwarding and logistics businesses enable us to provide efficient one-stop service. Our China market has seen a spectacular growth over the past years as a result of our expanding operations in all the major cities of China.

Yougle Group scores double-digit growth as our clients continue to develop in the China markets in recent years.


To be a world-class Logistics service provider

To provide tailor made logistics service of excellent quality for each customer.

Agent Network

Yougle across the country are equipped with partners and agencies, such as Ningbo, Shanghai, Yiwu, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, ... ...

Yougle has worked with both the world's major port city agencies, such as Central and South America, the Middle East and the Red Sea along the major countries, India and major European countries, Australia, Africa ... ...

Our Advantages route:
EMC The Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the South America, South Africa, Australia, etc.
OOCL The Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Europe and other places
HMM The Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Australian
HAP The Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Australian
RCL The Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.
COSCO The Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the South Africa, South America, West Africa, Australia and New Zealand, etc.
APL The Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Australian
ESL The Middle East, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, etc.
CSAV、NOR The Middle East, India and Pakistan, South America, South Africa, Black Sea, etc.
ZIM South America and Europe to
PIL The Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, East and West Africa, Australia and New Zealand, etc.
HAMBURG-SUD South America
SNL Southeast
CSCL Euro -
MARUBA Southeast
MSC In Eastern Black Sea
MSK Africa, South America, etc.
- Our Sea Partner -
- Our Air Partner -
Contact us
ADD: FL.12th, #216 , Si Ping Road, SHANGHAI ,CHINA ZIP:200086
TEL: 0086 21 65076056 65076015
FAX: 0086 21 65070669
Add: Unit 2508 Yinyi Bund Building,No.132,Renmin Road,Ningbo,China
ADD: Flat I, 15/F, Block 1, Golden Dragon Ind Centre, 152-160 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung. N.T. H.K
Chittagong Office:
Dhaka office:
Main Business
Ocean freight

One major competitive advantage in ocean freight is our network all over the world. As an international freight forwarder and consolidator, Yougle has established reliable working relationship and contracted space allotment with major conference carriers. The long-term partnership enables us to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective services to fulfill our customer demands. Our professional and experienced staff in China and overseas offices always put our customers' needs in the first priority. We ensure that all the necessary documentation is completed and the standard operations procedures are strictly followed so as to deliver the cargo on time. With the global sea freight network, Yougle is able to offer the most efficient cargo distribution with smooth handling in consolidation, clearance and final delivery of shipment.

Our ocean freight services include:
  • FCL and LCL services with first class carriers from China to major destinations all over the world
  • Proactive cargo consolidation program
  • Marine insurance
  • N.V.O.C.C. services
  • Transshipments and on-forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Preparation of documents for banks and consular
  • Freight collection & settlement
  • Continuous monitoring of customer's shipment
  • Pre-alert,arrival & cargo availability report
  • Advice in routing, transit time and shipping schedule
Main Business
Air freight

Yougle provides fast and reliable airfreight service to satisfy customer's need for delivery of time sensitive shipments around the world. We provide international both door-to-door and door-to-port airfreight services. Our experiences and facilities in handling both pre-packed and loose cargo enable us to provide tailor-made solutions. We also offer charter flight for sizable shipments. As a market leader for Bangladesh market, we are now operating round-trip charter flights between Shanghai,Shenzhen,Dalian and Dhaka on regular basis. With our network and partnership with leading international airlines, we expedite cargo around the world to designated destinations.

Our airfreight services include:
  • Door to door service
  • Door to port service
  • Consolidation
  • Charter flight
Main Business
Inland Transport

In-depth coverage of domestic road transport network platform, provide fast, punctual, safe, high-quality standardized road transport services; through the integration of internal and external logistics resources to provide "one-stop" integrated logistics services to meet customer's logistics and distribution of personalized demand; help customers to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

  • Order Management
  • off-site transfer cargo
  • insurance agent
  • signing back value-added logistics services,
  • cargo tracking surveys packaging, packing, take delivery, loading and unloading, sorting, quote sign, spotchecks
Main Business
Bonded Logistics

Bonded service will not only save your goods to and from the entry and exit of freight, but also to avoid the customs reported stagnation payment, shipping companies lag box fees, overdue charges unrelated to the occurrence of terminal charges. But also allows you to smooth cash flow, manuals and a series of write-off in time you have a headache problem will not recur.


International Distribution: The import and export bonded cargo sorting, distribution, distribution, distribution and other delivery distribution business, or adjacent to Hong Kong value-added processing at home and abroad after the distribution.

International Procurement: The procurement into the center of international imports of goods and bonded goods for export delivered a comprehensive set of processing and neighboring Hong Kong and abroad after the distribution of value-added processing.

International transfer: The international and domestic import and export of goods and bonded goods entering the bonded logistics center spin-off, set to fight transfer to others both inside and outside the port of destination.

International Carrying Trade: Bonded Logistics Center to domestic enterprises to re-export trade.

Main Business
Bulk Cargo

Import of bulk cargo container is relatively speaking, of the agent's demand is more demanding and rigorous. Requires not only agents for the bulk of the professional knowledge to be rich and solid, but also a wealth of practical experience operating within Hong Kong, because where a large tonnage of bulk groceries, a little slip of concentration operation, it is very likely give the owner a huge increase in the cost of costs, as the agency company, to strengthen their sense of responsibility is to ensure that customer interests are not an important prerequisite for the loss.

Especially for long, extra-wide, ultra-high, overweight, four ultra-casual cargo is particularly important. Ship to travel to Hong Kong to be taken straight way to get shipped directly to the destination, usually, non-straight ship straight to take the huge Hong Kong pays the owner is often difficult to accept. Unless there are special reasons, can not pick the time, in agreement with customer permission before into the inner harbor of the yard. If not for this reason, they usually get taken to travel straight way. My company's professionals travel straight for imported goods has a wealth of experience in the operation, from the fleet, port, weight, billing, etc. are each a small part of the efforts detailed intentions for the guests to do the service, distinguished customers, You must ship to Hong Kong three days ago, will be the volume of imports of goods and cubic meters, and all the ultra-long ultra-wide the number of overweight pieces, each one must be set out in detail in order to pre-arranged directly with the conditions of the fleet to boat straight for the preparation, we need to have some time to do the application in advance and the Ports Corporation and other related work.

Main Business
Integrated Logistics

Yougle Logistics satisfies customers' needs by offering a wide range of specialized logistics solutions for various business lines. Yougle integrates the strengths in airfreight, ocean freight and land transportations into our logistics solutions, ranging from inventory control, freight management, domestic delivery and other value-added services.

Yougle's competitive strategy is to provide reliable, responsive and efficient solutions. Our services bring people, processes and systems together to fulfill any customer's needs. From international freight management, customs clearance, inventory control, sample inspection, license application to dangerous goods handling, we offer one-stop supply chain solution allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies.

Understanding customer's need to improve efficiency, Yougle designs the process flow and procedure for different industries to streamline both physical cargo flow and information flow. We apply supply chain technology extensively to automate inventory reporting, shipment tracking, label design, document generation to cargo receipt and dispatch scanning. We are professionals in the design and implementation of supply chains fulfill the needs of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and end customers.

Our logistics solutions include:
  • Consolidation
  • Break Bulk
  • Distribution Centre
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Integrated One-stop Service
Value-added services :
  • Pick and pack - Repackaging
  • Assembly - Insurance
  • Documentation - Order management
  • Trade declaration - Cross-border trucking
  • Time-definite domestic delivery - Warehousing and inventory control
  • Vendor management - Barcode scanning and labeling
  • License application - Quality inspection
  • Sample handling - Survey arrangement
  • Return material authorization - Customs clearance
Our Logistics Faciliites & Technology:

【 Global Positioning System (GPS) 】
Yougle trucks and tractors are equipped with Global Positioning System. We control where and when to pick up and deliver cargo. The system is especially designed for fulfilling the requirements of time-definite delivery.

【 Warehouse Management System (WMS) 】
To keep track of the cargo status, Yougle offers web-based warehouse management service as an essential part of storage service. The high visibility of cargo flow provides clients with important information for control and replenish inventory. Yougle WMS is designed to provide a common platform for multinational buyers with worldwide presence and many suppliers. Buyer is better informed of the cargo availability and its suppliers ensure their delivery fulfilled. Different access rights assigned to different parties mean complete information transparency and thus enhance efficiency over the logistics pipeline.

【 Security Control 】
Yougle ensures the highest security and safety level for your cargo. Our warehouse is located in the Kerry Cargo Centre with 24-hour security guard and monitoring system at major entry and exit points. Moreover, within the Yougle warehouse, our CCTV and alarm system further enhances the security level.

【Automated Logistics System 】
We recognize the need for client to focus on their core business by outsourcing.With our expertise in third party logistics, Yougle Logistics not only takes care of the logistics cargo flow but also dedicated our resources to enhance the operational efficiency. Experienced in working with multinational companies, we design tailor-made logistics system to ensure information quick and accurate. We work with client to create common platform so that all parties are on the same page of cargo status. We make use of barcode tracking to ensure correct piece count and eliminate any possible errors. We focus on process re-engineering to reduce manual work and automate various kinds of documentation.

Main Business
DG Goods Service
  • DG SEA

    Maritime Dangerous Goods FCL: Korea Line, Japan Line, Southeast Asia, Australia line, the east line, India-Pakistan Line, Mediterranean Line, Africa Line, Europe, Latin America and South America Line, (Dangerous Goods inland shipping companies and agents need to confirm) Maritime Dangerous Goods LCL: European lines, the U.S. line, Southeast Asia Line, India-Pakistan line in some cities, please CASE BY CASE. (Other routes in development)

  • DG AIR
  • DG Transportation
  • DG Clearance
  • DG Warehouse
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